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ALX-PRO-KIT- Chemical Complete System
Clean Logix - Chemical Allocation Systems | ALX-PRO-T14KIT
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Product Code: ALX-PRO-KIT

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The Allocation Logix, ALX-PRO-KIT is a bundle package for our leading chemical allocation unit. The ALX-PRO-KIT allows authorized users to dispense chemicals with accuracy and reliability. The enclosed tower contains the controller, devices, and up to 14 manifolds to create an organized and clutter free dispense area. It includes time-based dispenses (T) with weight-based (W) options available that include a built-in scale.

ALX-PRO units integrate with that acts as centralized location for all reporting and data stored on the system. Its secure connection ensures privacy of all data and allows managers to create new users, make chemical application recipes, and edit user permissions both in the field or on the go.


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