The Mister 2 by Clean Logix is a compact, low-cost way to quickly and efficiently apply sanitizer to the bottom of footwear in an easy to use, walk-through model. Designed for dry facility environments, the Mister 2 increases pathogen prevention while maintaining minimal moisture output.


Using only compressed air the Mister 2 applies 0.2 ounces of sanitizer to the bottom of each boot, simultaneously, via 8 misting nozzles (4 per boot). The misting output reduces over-spray while still providing adequate solution coverage to the entire sole, preventing cross-contamination between high-risk environments and control zones.


Includes onboard air regulator and solution filter (500 microns) with quick connect fittings.

BLX MISTER 2 Foot Sanitizer

  • Activation Time 2 seconds
    User Amount 15-20/min
    Sanitizer Use 0.4/oz per activation
    Dimensions 27" x 33" x 44"
    Weight 92 lbs.
    Materials Stainless Steel & HDPE
    Requirments Compressed Air (80 PSI)

    System includes onboard air regulator with quick connect adapter.

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