Walkthrough foot bath and hand sanitizing unit. Constructed of stainless steel with high traction, fiberglass-reinforced walkway grate and adjustable feet for easy leveling. The grate is easily removed for full washdown and all electrical enclosures are wash down rated. Automated or manual draining options are available depending on the installation set-up.


Less than 5 ounces of water/sanitizer mixture is used per application through 16 anti-drip nozzles. The jug bracket and quick-disconnect suction line make refilling chemical jug quick and easy. Built-in pressure regulators for water and air ensure consistent performance.

Foot Bath Hand Sanitizer

  • Construction Materials: 304L stainless steel, UHMW,
    Weight 200 lbs.
    Dimensions 48-1/2" x 47-1/2" x 46-1/2"


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