This modular, wall-mounted, sanitizer dispenser is designed to be minimal and low profile. The spray nozzle system can handle a variety of liquid sanitizer solutions, which can be stored in remote locations or cabinets so sanitizer is never contained at the actual unit. In doing so, container size is no longer a barrier allowing sanitizer to be stored in any size or shape and dispensed from multiple locations.


Two models are available:

  1. HS1-HB-M (Main) version, which connects directly to a 115VAC power source and the sanitizer supply.
  2. HS1-HB-E (Extension) version, an add-on dispensing head that connects to the Main head and shares its power and sanitizer supply, reducing cost and complexity for multi-head installations.
    *HS1-HB-M is required for HS1-HB-E extension heads. The power cable is not included in extension models.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Wall Mounted

Head Type
  • Dimensions 6-3/4" x 7" x 5"
    Weight 3 lbs.
    Dispense Volume* 4,500/per gal.
    Electrical Requirments 115V

    *Dispense volume will vary depending on product viscosity, temperature, and programmed spray duration (adjustable).

    • Spray nozzles for faster more even coverage.
    • Modular solution dispensing and multi-head connection.
    • Animated LED status lights.
    • Relay output for entry control integration (turnstyles, counters).
    • Adjustable dispense volume.
    • No batteries. Plug-in, 115V for constant power.
    • Integrated mounting plate for wall installations.
    • Custom jug cap and suction line.
    • Quick disconnect dispense head.

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