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Powered by Nilfisk Food, these high-pressure washers simplify the deep-cleaning process for all types of facilities and their equipment.


Fast and efficient, they are ideal for daily small-area cleaning thanks to their compact, powerful, and reliable design. They can also be used to wash containers and flooring in your loading and unloading areas, while stationary solutions are the standard in the food-production sector.

Regardless of which system, you can expect significant cleaning performance and value, even under the most severe conditions.

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Save water, get better hygienic results.


Less wastewater and energy to process it. 

Lower CO2 emission & environmental impact. 

Water Savings
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Increase the cleaning impact by 25% on top of the power coming from the equipment. 

Better hygienic results in pre-rinse and rinse mode.  

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Reduce the cleaning time up to 55% and extend production line uptime.


Save money & earn money. 

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Reduce detergent consumption up to 46%, get better foam quality with longer cling time for better cleaning & environmental impact.  

Detergent Savings

Boosted Pressure

Installation Methods

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Pressurized 290-362 psi

20-25 bar


Chemical is pre-mixed and distributed as a ready-to-use via piping to foamers. Best suited for production areas with equal cleaning regime.
Optional, local pick-up for specific applications.

Advantages / Benefits

  • Accurate and central dosing

  • Safe handling

  • Low risk during production

  • Optional local pick-up

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Local Pickup

Pressurized 290-362 psi

20-25 bar


Local pick-up of chemicals with product for each unit via individual containers. Concentration can be set according to a defined Hygiene Plan. 

Advantages / Benefits

  • No chemicals during production

  • Elective product choice

  • Selective concentration

  • Flexible product change-over

  • Able to stand 580 psi (40 bar) water pressure

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Local Pickup

Pressurized 290-362 psi

20-25 bar


Local pick-up of chemicals in a mobile design to provide flexibility to access and clean every corner of your facility, regardless of hose length.  

Advantages / Benefits

  • Easy to move around

  • Three cleaning functions

  • Plug and clean design

  • More accessible cleaning

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Local Pickup

Pressurized 290-362 psi

20-25 bar


Fully automated daily cleaning and disinfection with multiple customizable program options.
Best for applications such as conveyor belts or spiral freezers where reduction of downtime is a top priority together with the best possible hygienic results.

Advantages / Benefits

  • Consistent, safe, flexible automatic cleaning.

  • Reduced labor cost.

  • Local pick-up and pre-diluted versions are also available.

  • Doorway Sanitation System is also available for cleaning and disinfection of all vehicles and personnel.

Available Systems

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