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About Clean Logix

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Clean Logix LLC is a family-owned business operating out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. First created to serve a growing need for high-end automation equipment in the food and beverage sanitation market, Clean Logix has since expanded to serve the needs of many other industries. We strive to design and produce high-quality equipment to improve the hygiene and chemical management procedures for all our customers.

At Clean Logix, we believe that by creating equipment systems that increase sanitation for the environments and employees that manufacture the food we eat, we are helping everyone enjoy safer, healthier meals.


Allocation Logix

Automate & Increase Accuracy of Liquid Dispenses

Boot Logix

Increase Employee Hygiene & Sanitation

Inventory Logix

Monitor Liquid Inventory Levels for Bulk Containers

Enterprise Logix

Advanced System Integration & Reporting 

Premium Support

Whether it's finding the right product or supporting an already existing one, Clean Logix's Customer Service Team will be there for you to ensure you have the support you deserve

Durable Products

Built to last even in the harshest environments. Clean Logix uses only the toughest and most reliable materials to ensure longevity and performance

Cutting Edge Technology

Clean Logix is dedicated to providing the highest quality systems using state of the art technology. Our experienced engineers emphasize both function and excellence with each product they develop

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