Inventory Monitoring

Inventory Logix tank level monitoring systems track container volume levels, predict consumption and send alerts when levels get below too low. Take your facility's chemical or bulk liquid tracking to the next level with our complete integrated system.

IVX controllers can be used with a variety of sensors, including differential pressure and ultrasonic sensors, to continuously monitor the level of any size container. Systems sync data every 10 minutes to Clean Intel, an online chemical management dashboard, to provide constant up to date volume  level information. From there, it can easily be viewed or exported in custom reports, to provide insight into chemical use, spending, and ordering.


Clean Intel reduces the need to physically travel to a location to check chemical inventory, saving both time and money. It also simplifies the scheduling of bulk chemical deliveries by estimating your refill date based on previous consumption data.

System Architecture:

Inventory monitoring controllers connect to sensors that monitor and communicate tank levels for up to 16 containers via 4-20mA signal readings. Review the diagram below of our system architecture to see how it works:

IVX tank level inventory monitoring system for remotely tracking and recording bulk tank volume levels

Clean Intel

Container inventory levels from each sensor are transmitted to Clean Intel, a virtual cloud dashboard, every 10 minutes where live data and consumption history can be viewed and exported. Enable custom alarms and text/email alerts to get notified before you run out.