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Online Chemical Control Center

Clean Intel Chemical Management Online Reporting





Stay in the know at all times with Clean Intel online reporting. The modern dashboard provides chemical representatives and plant managers with the ultimate control system to monitor employee dispense activity and get up to date reports to know how much product you're using and what it's costing. 

The Clean Intel cloud interacts with a variety of Clean Logix chemical management and monitoring systems to allow for a complete overview of all chemical consumption, dispensing, and cleaning procedures. Built originally for the food and beverage world, the Clean Intel reporting interface and it's chemical management systems have found their place in pharmaceutical, agriculture, and many other industries that rely on accurate data to ensure accountability and plan for the future. 

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Live data logs to manage chemical dispense activity for multiple sites, accounts, and users. Review how much chemical has been used and what it's costing at the click of a button. 

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Track how much you have and know when to order more. Inventory monitoring systems coordinate with level sensors to maintain up to date tank level readings for all your bulk containers.

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Multi-System Integration

Connect just one system or multiple to have all processes documented and controlled from a central online dashboard. User access and permissions are custom to each system and site to complete control.

Real-Time Data

Each chemical management system, whether dispense based, level tracking, or automated chemical mixing and delivery, communicate with the Clean Intel online reporting cloud to maintain up to date information at all times.


Facility administrators and chemical representatives can each log in to manage and monitor their chemical usage, user access, dispense permissions, blended recipes, and more from anywhere with an internet connection.


Unlike other chemical management or ERP systems, Clean Intel does not require special software, storage space, or user licenses. Anyone can be made a user with either total or limited access to view what they need on any device. 

Advanced Reporting

Ensure accountability and maintain up to date records of what chemicals have been used and evaluate costs for your entire supply. Automated reports provide greater visibility as to how chemical use or cleaning and sanitation procedures are being performed.


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