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Boot Scrubbers & Sanitizers


The BLX employee hygiene series by Clean Logix provides the highest level of employee hygiene and sanitation for some of the most demanding food production environments, as well as many other industries.


The addition of employee hygiene equipment, like BLX boot and sole scrubbers, in hygienic zoning transition points, has shown to reduce the entry of harmful pathogens, bacteria, as well as general soils into food processing facilities and many other environments where sanitation is key.


Our extended line of footwear cleaning machines come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and automation levels to give you the best fit for your space. Dry brush models are available for environments with moisture concerns while wet models include a built-in venturi system for chemical dosing. No specific chemical is required to be used with the BLX line to maintain its warranty or manufacture support, just plug in your solution of choice and start cleaning.

Stop pathogens before they stop production. 

Boots by


Step up your sanitation game with BLX

Designed for Cleanability

Open Frame Design

Solid member stainless steel construction, fully welded seams, and exposed components provide easy cleaning and eliminate hard to reach areas prone to build-up.

100% Washdown rated

Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel and equipped with washdown rated motors, gear reducers, and electrical enclosures.


The BLX line was made for this.

Tool-less brush removal

Polypropylene brushes on each BLX provide exceptional chemical resistance.


Designed for easy cleaning the brushes are able to be removed and replaced in seconds, without the need for tools. 

All Shapes & Sizes


Full size, automated, walkthrough boot scrubber. 5 brush set-ups for cleaning the soles and sides of foot wear.

BLX-1000V9-GEN2 REV102 Render 01.png


Compact, automated boot scrubber.

2 brush configurations available for cleaning the soles and sides of footwear.

BLX-600-6 REV108 Render 01_1000x1000.png


Compact, manual boot scrubber. 

Fixed brush configuration cleans the soles and sides of footwear. Available as wet or dry model.



Compact, automated, walkthrough boot scrubber. Sole only brush configuration for cleaning the bottom of footwear.

BLX-900 REV102 Render 01.png


Compact, semi-automated boot scrubber. Equipped with a rotating sole brush and 2 side brushes to clean the soles and sides of footwear.

BLX-400 REV105_02_1000x1000.png


Walkthrough, automated foot sanitation system. Ideal for dry environments with minimal moisture output. 

BLX-MR2 Render-mist_CLX.png


Compact walkthrough boot scrubber.

5 brush set-ups available for cleaning the soles and sides of foot wear.

BLX-800R-GEN2 REV102_Overview 01.png


Walkthrough, manual boot scrubber. Fixed brush configurations clean the soles and sides of footwear. Available as wet or dry model.

BLX-200D Render 3.png


Walkthrough, foot bath and hand sanitation system. Automated solution and water level control with hand sanitizer spray system.


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