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Boot Scrubbers & Sanitizers

The BLX employee hygiene series by Clean Logix offers plant personnel the highest level of footwear sanitation for the most demanding food production environments, as well as many other industries. By controlling the quality of employee hygiene, the BLX helps to prevent the entry of pathogens into the production facility and the spread of contaminants.

Our extended line of footwear hygiene options and configurations give you the freedom of choice to select a boot scrubber or sanitizer to fit the needs of your facility using the cleaning solution of your choice. 

Better employee hygiene protects both your reputation and your customers. 

Designed for Cleanability

Open Design

Solid member stainless steel construction, fully welded seams, and exposed componenets provide easy cleaning and eliminates hard to reach areas prone to build-up.

100% Washdown rated

Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel and equipped with washdown rated motors, gear reducers, and electrical enclosures.


The BLX line was made for this.

Polypropylene brushes on each BLX provide exceptional chemical resistance.


Designed for cleanability the brushes are able to be removed and replaced in seconds, without the need for tools. 

Tool-less brush removal