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How To Replace the Motherboard on an ALX-PRO V3

The motherboard, the core of your ALX-PRO V3 chemical controller, has just died. You're probably thinking you'll need to replace the whole thing, reprogram an entirely new system, rebuild your chemical blending recipes... Don't worry - that's not the case!

The motherboard on a V3 ALX-PRO controller can be easily replaced to get back up and running, without losing any of your old data. Just follow along with Cassidy and he'll walk you through how to get it done.

How to instructions for removing and replacing the motherboard on an ALX-PRO V3 chemical dispensing allocation controller.

**PLEASE NOTE: These instructions do not apply to the current edition, ALX-PRO V4, controller - please contact us for more support on V4 controllers**

Recommended tools:

  • Phillips screwdriver

Clean Logix Replacement Keypad for ALX-PRO V3 chemical dispensing controllers

Part # M1586


For more information please contact us.


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