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How to Set up Time Based Dispense Calibrations on an ALX-PRO Allocation Controller

The ALX-PRO V4 chemical allocation controller ensures accurate dispense measurements for various products such as chemicals, cleaning agents, and other liquids. Using time-based calculations the unit is able to calibrate the amount of time it will need to run to dispense a specific volume. The following video and instructions will review how to do this using the ALX-PRO's Time-Based Calibrations feature and how to get the best results to ensure the correct volume is dispensed and is recorded accurately.

Time-Based Calibrations

  1. Log in as an Administrator.

  2. Select Calibrate on the left side of the screen, then click Pump on the top of the screen.

    1. NOTE: Only pumps that have been assigned to a chemical will appear in this list.

  3. Select the pump to calibrate from the drop-down menu.

  4. The unit’s text will read:

    1. Calibrate Pump: Without a few calibration points close to your regular dispense amounts, the unit will not perform up to its capability. To add a calibration, click the button below.

  5. Determine which dispense hose will flow liquid when the Device output is turned on.

  6. Arrange a container to catch the liquid.

    1. TIP: Use a container with volume markings.

  7. Decide on an approximate target volume for the calibration point and press the Add Calibration Point button.

  8. The on screen instructions will read:

    1. Run the Pump: Dispense a measure that is close to what would normally be used. Be sure that you dispense into a jug that will let you accurately measure how much was dispensed. You’ll stop the pump by pressing STOP. To proceed, press the START button.

  9. Press START to begin dispensing.

    1. WARNING: Pressing START will cause the output to turn on and the pump to run! Wear PPE and be ready to contain the flow of liquid.

  10. When the liquid in the container gets close to your target, press the STOP key.

  11. Take an accurate measurement of the amount dispensed and enter the Volume and Units on the screen.

  12. Click Confirm to save the calibration value. If the measurement was inaccurate (spilled, error, etc), click Cancel to recalibrate.

    1. NOTE: The saved calibration values will appear in a table on the right-hand side of the screen. We recommend having 2 calibration points per pump for increased accuracy.

  13. Repeat this process with all of the pumps that will be dispensing using time-based measurements. Once they are all calibrated, the unit can dispense time-based applications.

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