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    Highly configurable chemical allocation controllers.

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    Reduce cross contamination between high-risk environments. 

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    Take the monitoring of liquid container levels off your employees and automate it. 


    PLC integration to increase accountability and accessibility for your facility. 

Online reporting for chemical dispense consumption made easy with Clean Intel. Newly redesigned for 2020, Clean Intel's online chemical dispensing dashboard provides a complete overview of all system activity for multiple sites and users. Download reports and set up notifications to have complete control over your chemical levels, recipes, users, and facility.

Consumption Dashboard

Find out how much you're using, when it's happening, and what it's costing you all from one screen for multiple facilities.

Trending Reports

Compare expected vs. actual dispense data to know where and when dispense inconsistencies are occurring.

Modern Design

Redesigned with you in mind. The intuitive dashboard makes finding what you need quick and easy.

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First created to serve the food and beverage sanitation market, Clean Logix has since expanded to fulfill the needs of many other industries across the globe to be the leader in sanitation and the total plant solution.


We strive to design and produce high-quality equipment to improve the sanitation and chemical management procedures for all our customers and their products.

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