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The Mister 2 by Clean Logix is a compact, low-cost way to quickly and efficiently apply sanitizer to the bottom of footwear in an easy to use, walk through model. Designed for dry facility environments, the Mister 2 increases pathogen prevention while maintaining minimal moisture output.

Using only compressed air the Mister 2 applies 0.2 ounces of sanitizer to the bottom of each boot, simultaneously, via 8 misting nozzles (4 per boot). The misting output reduces over-spray while still providing adequate solution coverage to the entire sole, preventing cross-contamination between high-risk environments and control zones.

Compliance Counter

now available

Pneumatic 4-digit counter tracks and records each successful sanitizer activation

First created to serve the food and beverage sanitation market, Clean Logix has expanded to serve the needs of many other industries across the globe.


We strive to design and produce high-quality equipment to improve the sanitation and chemical management procedures for all our customers and their products.

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