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How to Add, Edit, or Delete a Pump Device for an ALX-LITE or ELITE Chemical Controller

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Follow along in the video or review the instructions below on how to set up a pump device (like a CAN-SO-4 or CAN-SO-1) on your ALX-LITE or ELITE chemical dispensing controller.

Adding a New Device

  1. Make sure devices are connected and green lights are illuminated.

  2. Log in as an administrator.

  3. Use ↑ and ↓ keys to select Devices and press ENTER.

  4. Select a device from the list and press ENTER.

    1. NOTE: When new Devices are first connected, they will appear in the Device list with the name "CONFIG PUMP"

    2. TIP: A red indicating light will blink on the currently selected device

  5. Type in a name for the device

  6. Select the Device Type:

    1. AODD Pump - Constant output

    2. Valve - Constant output

    3. Piston Pump - Pulsed output with user-defined stroke Volume and ON/OFF cycle time.

  7. If Piston Pump is selected, enter stroke volume and ON/OFF Time

  8. If you wish to prime, press the START key to turn the Device output on and press STOP when to turn off.

    1. WARNING: Pressing the START key on this screen will cause the output to turn on and the pump to run! Wear PPE and be ready to contain the flow of chemical in an appropriate vessel!

  9. Press the ESC key to exit.

  10. When prompted to save changes, press ENTER to save or ESC to cancel.

Deleting a Device

  1. Select a Device in the list and press ENTER.

  2. Use the ↓ key to scroll to the bottom of the screen.

  3. Select (DELETE Entry) and press ENTER.

  4. When asked to confirm, press ENTER again.

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