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How To Replace a Keypad on an ALX-LITE or ELITE

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

When the keypad on your ALX-LITE or ELITE chemical allocation controller stops working it means your chemical dispensing operations for that day are put to a halt or you're forced to revert to manual dispenses using something like the ALX-ABB Air Button Box. It doesn't mean your chemical controller is broken though. In fact, replacing the keypad on one of these units is pretty simple. Just follow along with Cassidy and he'll walk you through the whole process.

How to instructions for removing and replacing the membrane keypad on an ALX-LITE or ALX-ELITE chemical dispensing allocation controller.

Recommended tools:

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • 5/16" Socket/Wrench (or Crescent Wrench)

  • Power drill (optional)

Clean Logix Replacement Keypad for ALX-LITE, ALX-LITE-R, and/or ALX-ELITE

Part # M1511


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