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How to Edit Unit Information and Configuration Settings on an ALX-LITE or ELITE

The following instructions will review how to access and edit the information and configuration settings on an ALX-LITE or ELITE chemical dispensing controller.

The video and instructions will go over:

  • Login levels

  • Logging

  • Language Settings

  • Units of Measure

  • Version # and Date of Manufacturing

  1. Log in as an administrator.

  2. Use and keys to select Unit Info/Config and press ENTER.

  3. Use and keys to select an option, and keys to change selections

    1. Login Level: Switches the user login between Users, RFID, and Admin

      1. NOTE: When User Login is set to Admin, the bottom of the home screen will not require a login code and will read Press START To Begin. When set to Users or RFID, the screen will read Enter Passcode and requires Users to enter their 4-digit passcode or scan their RFID card (if applicable).

    2. Logging: Turns dispense log recording on and off.

    3. Language: Sets the default language that the controller will revert to each time it is rebooted.

    4. Units: Imperial (Gal, oz) or Metric (L, ml)

    5. Version #: Identifies the software version installed

    6. Built On: Identifies the date when the unit was created.

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