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SLX Flow Rates

Understanding the relationship between water pressure and flow rates is paramount in assessing the performance of sanitation and chemical dispensing products. Knowing how these variables interact can significantly impact efficiency and effectiveness. To shed light on this crucial aspect, we've compiled charts and graphs detailing the water pressure versus flow rates of our SLX product line of foaming and sanitizing venturi applicators.

Please be aware that the applicator model and insert size combination will impact these values, review the tables below for your unit. If you’re unsure what model you have or how to identify the insert size, contact Clean Logix for support. Results may differ depending on supply consistency. Always test water and pump flow rates for normal operation.

Download a PDF copy of these charts here: SLX Insert Flow Rates

Low-Pressure Flow Rates

XC Mixing and Dispense Station Flow Rates

Boosted Pressure Flow Rates

Filling Station Flow Rates

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