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How to Fix a Green Screen Issue on an ALX PRO V3

As you walk up to your ALX-PRO to dispense a chemical recipe to begin your next task you're greeted to a pale green screen, in place of the welcoming login prompt. The buttons don't work, the keypad isn't responding, and turning it on and off doesn't do the trick either. You may have contemplated hitting it (or already have), but we have a different solution for you. Follow along and we'll get it fixed for you - no special tools necessary!

**PLEASE NOTE: These instructions do not apply to the current edition, ALX-PRO V4, controller - please contact us for more support on V4 controllers**

How to Fix a Green Screen on an ALX-PRO V3

  1. Hit the E-Stop and unplug the unit from it's power source

  2. Open the front panel and access the back of the screen panel

  3. Unplug the keypad and mouse cables from the unit

  4. Close the enclosure and plug the system back in

  5. Release the E-Stop to power the unit back on

    1. The unit should launch and begin loading after a certain amount of time

  6. After it is relaunched, open the enclosure and carefully plug the mouse and keypad back in

  7. Close the enclosure and test the mouse and keypad

    1. If the reset has been a success they both should work

    2. If one, or both, continue to not work you may need a new keypad or mouse - please contact us for more information.

For more information please contact us.


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