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How to Use a USB to Import or Export Data on an ALX-LITE or ELITE Chemical Controller

Learn how to use the USB feature on an ALX-LITE or ELITE chemical dispensing controller to import and export users, application recipes, and other crucial data.

The ALX-LITE or ELITE includes an 8GB USB drive already plugged into the port on the bottom of the controller. The controller will store dispense logs on this USB drive, which can be retrieved manually, anytime. The USB drive can also be used to import and export controller settings (Users, Devices, Applications) and for software updates.


  • Leave a USB drive plugged into the unit at all times, except when manually retrieving logs or importing/exporting. If the USB drive is removed indefinitely or for long periods of time the controller will be unable to record data!

  • Always make sure to install and tighten the protective cap after the USB flash drive is reinserted. If using a flash drive other than the one included, make sure the protective cap will still fit in place and screw on all the way!

Export Settings

This will export the controller settings for Users, Devices and Applications. It will create a file for each on the USB drive with the suffix export.db.

  1. Make sure a USB drive is plugged into the controller port.

  2. Log in as an administrator.

  3. Use and keys to select USB Options and press ENTER.

  4. Use and keys to select Export config and press ENTER.

Import Settings

This will import previously saved settings for Users, Devices and Applications.

  1. Follow the steps above to export settings onto a USB drive and plug it into a laptop.

  2. Save a copy of each export.db file to be imported and rename each to import.db

    1. EXAMPLE: usersExport.db will be copied and renamed usersImport.db in the same file location.

  3. Plug the USB drive back into the controller

  4. Use and keys to select Import for the items to be imported and press ENTER.

    1. When importing settings, the system will automatically reboot when finished.

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