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A New Look Built for a PRO - V5 Software Update for ALX-PRO

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The ALX-PRO, premium level chemical allocation pump controller, is getting a much-needed update for its UI (user interface). The screen, hardware components, and general functionality all remain the same (as well as the price). What we have done is improved the overall look of the software to make it more modern, easier to use, and best of all - FASTER.

Modern Appearance

The new interface organizes Settings and other menus in a more intuitive way to make configuring and maintaining the system quick and easy. We took away any obsolete features to make sure you only have what you need to dispense chemistry and monitor user activity.

Easier to Use

Applications are no longer just accessible via a 4-digit code. They can now all be browsed from one screen (once logged in of course). The Application Browser can be viewed in tile (above) or list (below) based formats.

All information about the recipe is contained in each application card in the browser to make identifying the name, code, location, manifold, dispense type, and even the number of chemicals or steps all at once.

Filters can also be used to sort through the list to find the app you're looking for easier. Filtering can be done via the app code (list shortens as numbers are pushed in) or dropdowns that filter by the chemical used in the recipe, the type of dispense, or even the location.

Other Improvements:
  • Boot up time has been reduced to make loading the program from a powered down state much faster than previous versions.

  • The calibration entry process for both scale and calibrated time-based dispense methods is easier to use and enter calibration points for.

  • Reorganized admin configuration menu for better management of pumps, manifolds, and users.

  • Touch screen functionality - icons on the screen can be interacted with as opposed to only relying on the physical keypad or start/stop buttons.

All ALX-PROs will begin shipping with the new V5 software starting March 1, 2022.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


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