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"Great Job, Clean Logix" - SLX-VF Venturi Foam Applicator Testimonial

Date of Purchase:

August 2022


Favorite thing about SLX?


Was there anything you disliked about SLX?

Simple answer, no.

How likely are you to choose SLX for future applications?

Extremely likely

Here at Nelson Jameson, we are always looking for items that check certain boxes:

  • Is this a superior product?

  • Will it help our customers?

  • Is it cost-effective?

  • Is the manufacturer a reliable source for our customers?

The SLX line-up checks all of those boxes!

Whether it's the ease of use with dilution ratios at your fingertips using the app or the fact that you can completely disassemble and reassemble with no tools.

Great job Clean Logix!


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