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SLX Origin Story: Why We Started Making Foamers

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

We didn’t reinvent the foamer, we just made it better.

In this video, Clean Logix owners Adam Jacques and Andrew Zieger explain the WHY behind Clean Logix's decision to add low-pressure, wall-mounted, foamers and sanitizers to our product catalog. As well as breakdown the key differences that make our SLX line unique and the preferred method for stationary cleaning equipment.

Why did we do this?

Because at Clean Logix, we believe in solving industrial sanitation problems while creating lasting relationships with our customers. The best way for us to do that was to become your Total Plant Solution for all things hygiene, sanitation, and keeping things clean when it comes to food processing.

Whether that be chemical allocation controllers to dispense cleaning products, automated boot scrubbers to clean employees before walking into high-risk zones, or our new line of wall-mounted foamers and sanitizer sprayers – we’ve got you covered.

What people are saying about it

We had a select group of users participate in development testing to refine these pieces of equipment for the people who will be using them regularly. Check out what they had to say after working with SLX out on the plant floor.

From a quality standpoint, SLX has received compliments about its serviceability and ease of access for removing and replacing spare parts. Users will spend less time and energy servicing the equipment to keep it running. Instead, they can focus on what matters - cleaning.

The ability to disassemble and clean or replace parts as needed makes the SLX from Clean Logix superior to all competitor foamers. Quality Manager, Dairy Facility

Low pressure foaming and sanitizing is a highly efficient method of industrial cleaning that saves time and reduces detergent use. We didn't reinvent the foamer when we developed SLX, it uses the same technology as any other foamer to provide those same benefits.

The SLX unit from Clean Logix foams like a beast and has made our foam cleaning incredibly efficient, this is by far the best foamer we’ve ever used! Production Manager, Dairy Facility

However, we did take into consideration how the end-user will be interacting with the equipment and reduce some of the common frustrations that are often experienced.

Thanks to the new SLX foamer from Clean Logix we no longer need to mess around with fine-tuning of our foamers, just turn it on and it’s ready to go, so easy to use. Production Supervisor, Dairy Facility

Don't take our word for it though. Find out for yourself. Order yours now or contact us to learn more about the SLX line.


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