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SLX How To #2 - Chemical Dilution & Metering Tips

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

SLX Foamers and Sanitizer sprayers and cleaning equipment by Clean Logix.

In this video, we'll explain how to select and install a metering tip to dilute concentrated chemistry for SLX venturi water-driven foamers and sanitizers.

  1. Place chemical container below the unit.

  2. Using the included metering tips, identify which tip is appropriate for your dilution ratio.

  3. Thread metering tip into hose barb on the chemical inlet to install.

  4. Connect suction line to hose barb.

  5. Connect suction line in chemical container (suction line with ceramic weight and strainer included for this purpose).


Each metering tip broken down by venturi insert size to identify dilution ratios for each SLX model and their individual flow rates.


Or download our mobile app to calculate it for you!


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