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New Clean Intel

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Clean Intel is the ultimate chemical management and reporting system - and it's gotten an upgrade! The new and improved online portal gives chemical suppliers and facility managers more insight into their dispense operations, employee activity, and how much they are spending on their chemical solutions from anywhere with an internet connection. The new interface is available for all users as of September 2020 via

Avoid all the running around and let us calculate it for you.


Use the Site Dashboard to quickly and easily review dispense amounts, employee activity, and how much is being spent on each product.

Each site (location or facility) will list the solutions currently being monitored by Clean Intel, display the total amount dispensed, and what it’s costing all from one screen. Sites are grouped together to provide visibility into all your locations at once, saving you the trouble of adding up the details.


You set up your dispenser to provide X amount of chemical, but the reality is that value can fluctuate for multiple reasons... Maybe there's a plumbing issue? Or some employees are using too much or too little chemical?

Regardless of why you still need to know what’s expected versus what is actually happening out on the floor. Trend reports will give you that. Each day is broken down, per product, showing what was expected to be dispensed against what was recorded by the system.


Got questions? Or not sure how Clean Intel could work at your facility?

No worries, we'd love to have a more in-depth discussion with you and your team - no strings attached! Schedule a virtual consultation with one of reps to dive into the details. We'll work one-on-one with you to review your current set up and how Clean Logix can help up your chemical management game.


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