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SLX Sanitation Logix Overview Video

This is the SLX series of foaming and sanitizing equipment by Clean Logix.

The SLX Sanitation series includes manual spray applicators, automated application equipment, and mixing dispensing stations. Whether you need to apply foam or sanitizer, our application equipment has you covered.

This can be set up as a pump-fed, centralized, or venturi-based, decentralized, system and is available in models that are built to handle boosted water pressure.

Centralized and Decentralized example installations

Our venturi foaming and sanitizing units are also available in our airless configurations. This allows you to create foam without the need for a compressed air source using our unique wand design. This technology is nothing short of magical and opens the doors to improving the cleaning process in any facility.

Our automated application equipment is designed to keep a bed of foam on the floor of high-traffic entryway areas or pathways. Available in single and dual nozzle setups. You can combat cross-contamination and ensure that people, equipment, and vehicles that pass through entryways or other critical zones are disinfected. Utilizing our touchscreen controller, you can customize the amount of foam and frequency to match your facility’s needs. You can also use an app to access things like timer controls, a dilution rate calculator, and even reports.

Our mixing and dispensing equipment makes it easy to accurately dilute chemical concentrate and rapidly fill large containers with ready-to-use cleaning solutions available in open hose ball valves or trigger gun dispensing options, as well as multi-station hose drop setups working with high concentrate chemicals. No problem. We offer models that are built to handle the dilution ratio as high as 0.8 to 1.

SLX Boosted Pressure Sprayer exploded to show spare parts

The SLX line of products was designed with you in mind, which is why we made serviceability a top priority across our entire product line. When using any equipment like this, clogs happen. Utilizing a removable insert design, you can quickly and easily remove clogs. You can also keep spare inserts available to reduce downtime, which allows you to fix a clog and get back up and running in 30 seconds or less.


The majority of service can be performed with a simple flathead screwdriver and often no tools are needed at all.

Modularity is an important part of the SLX line. Our applicator bodies and wands are available in polypropylene and stainless steel, and our hoses are available in a variety of colors to help keep your process organized. You are always in control of dilution ratios, the amount of water, and the chemistry used while operating SLX units at Clean Logix.

SLX multi station hose drop for foaming, rinsing and sanitation cleaning procedures

We designed the SLX series to be a sleek, functional, modular, and highly serviceable line of products that gives you the best experience possible as the end user.

No matter what your needs are - Clean Logix has you covered.

Contact us to learn more about SLX or get a quote to step up your facility's sanitation game.

Video and Editing by Intentional Videos


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