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SLX How To #4 - Operation

SLX Foamers and Sanitizer sprayers and cleaning equipment by Clean Logix. In this video, we'll explain how to operate and use an SLX foamer or sanitation spray system.

  1. Ensure unit is properly connected and the water and air supply valves are closed

  2. Take hold of the spray wand.

  3. Open ball valve on the spray wand

  4. Fully open water/pump supply valve.

    1. The spray wand will slowly begin discharging.

  5. For Foamers: Fully open air valve.

    1. There will be a kick of pressure as the spray wand recoils from the air pressure.

    2. Foam will begin to initiate - This may appear uneven at first but as the air and water pressure stabilize the quality of the foam will become more uniform.

  6. Apply solution as required:

    1. Foam: from bottom to top, ensuring even coating. Rinse before foam dries.

    2. Rinse: from top to bottom, ensuring foam rinses off adequately and does not leave residue or streaks.

    3. Sanitize: from top to bottom, ensuring even coating.

  7. Turn spray wand ball valve off to temporarily stop spray.

  8. When complete, turn off supply lines.

  9. Open spray wand ball valve and let pressure exhaust completely.

  10. Rinse hose.

  11. Store hose depressurized, with the ball valve open and coiled properly coiled to prevent kinks or damage.

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