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SLX How To #3 - Initial Set Up

SLX Foamers and Sanitizer sprayers and cleaning equipment by Clean Logix.

In this video, we'll explain how to set up the SLX system for the first time before normal operation:

When operating the foamer for the first time some alterations may need to be made to produce the desired foam or spray quality and ensure the unit is operating properly and drawing chemistry as intended (for venturi models).

  1. Ensure unit is properly connected and all supply valves are closed

  2. Take hold of the spray wand

  3. Open ball valve on the spray wand

  4. Fully open water/pump supply valve

    1. The spray wand will slowly begin discharging water.

    2. For Venturi Systems: Chemicals will be drawn up the suction line and introduced to the fluid path.

  5. Ensure water/pump pressure is above 35 PSI

  6. For Foamers: Fully open air valve.

    1. There will be a kick of pressure as the spray wand recoils from the air pressure.

  7. For Foamers: Foam will begin to initiate.

    1. This may appear uneven at first but as the air and water pressure stabilize the quality of the foam will become more uniform.

  8. For Foamers: To alter foam consistency adjust the air pressure:

    1. Dryer Foam - Increase air pressure (turn dial clockwise).

    2. Wetter Foam - Decrease air pressure (turn dial counter-clockwise).

  9. For Venturi Systems: Check dilution amount per facility standards.

    1. Metering tip size may need to be changed if foam quality or dilution ratio is not adequate.


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