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ALX-ELITE System Editor - Chemical Application Recipes

Software demonstration for the ALX-ELITE chemical dispensing controller's online interface, the System Editor. The webpage is accessible when in close physical range of the ALX-ELITE controller. It offers system administrators and managers a quicker and easier way to alter settings using an internet browser as opposed to the traditional keypad and screen on the unit itself.

The demonstration contains instructions for accessing the Applications page on System Editor to review chemical dispense recipes including the ability to create new ones, edit existing, or removing steps or entire recipes without needing the touch the actual unit.

NOTE: Due to small screen sizes, Applications cannot be edited while viewing the System Editor on a smartphone.

CAUTION: DO NOT use the ALX-ELITE while using the System Editor!

Using the System Editor

  1. Navigate using the tabs on the left-hand side of the screen (or the symbols on the bottom, if using tablet or smartphone)

  2. Users, Devices, Applications, Permissions, and Reporting can all be edited using the System Editor

    1. TIP: In order to view/edit Devices and create Applications, the device(s) must first be connected and configured through the Front Panel of the ALX-ELITE!

  3. Use the EDIT button to modify features of existing Users, Devices, Applications and Permissions

  4. Use the blue + button to add new Users, Applications, and Reports

  5. Use the blue SAVE button to save changes before changing tabs or exiting the System Editor

  6. Changes take effect on the ALX-ELITE immediately

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