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Choosing the Right Chemical Dispenser: ALX vs. SLX

Choosing the right chemical dispenser: ALX vs. SLX

Accurate dilution of chemicals is paramount in sanitation to ensure effective cleaning results and maintain safety standards. Clean Logix provides two chemical dispensing solutions, ALX Chemical Controllers and SLX Mixing Stations, both capable of achieving precise dilutions for a variety of applications. In this article, we will compare these two products specifically in the context of sanitation cleaning, helping you make an informed decision for your cleaning operations.

ALX Allocation Controllers: Advanced Control for Optimal Dilution Accuracy

The ALX line, also known as Allocation Logix, is comprised of three different chemical controllers: the LITE, ELITE, and PRO.

They all offer advanced control features that are particularly valuable for sanitation cleaning applications. Let's explore how it caters to the specific requirements of accurate dilutions:

Recipe Creation and Customization

The ALX line allows users to create and customize recipes for various cleaning applications. This feature ensures consistent and accurate dilutions by specifying precise volume measurements of water and chemicals, tailored to your specific cleaning needs, that can be saved for repeated dispensing. Specify how much solution per recipe and layer dispenses to dilute or mix multiple products.

Access Control

Pumps and Air Solenoid Control

Tracking and Traceability

SLX Mixing Station: Simplicity and Efficiency in Dilution

The SLX Mixing Station offers a simpler alternative for accurate dilutions in sanitation cleaning applications without all the tech. These are manual dispensers that use a venturi injector to dilute concentrated chemistry with water and dispense the mixed solution into a container either using a hose or something more controlled like a wand or trigger handle. Some of the mixing stations' key features:

Manual Activation

No user login is required, simply turn a ball valve to supply water to the unit and engage the venturi injector. Using this control method, the SLX Mixing Station allows users to achieve accurate dilutions through controlled water and chemical flow. Dilution ratios can be adjusted manually by using metering tips to control the amount of chemical being drawn into the dispense line. While it does not offer the same level of customization as the ALX, it still provides efficient and accurate dilution capabilities.

Easy Setup and Cost-Effective

Extreme Dilution Ratios

Limited Usage Tracking

When it comes to selecting the ideal chemical dispensing solution for your needs, the choice between the ALX and SLX depends on various factors. If you require advanced control features such as user login, customized recipe creation, precise dispense volumes, and detailed chemical consumption tracking, the ALX is the superior choice. On the other hand, if simplicity, affordability, and ease of setup are your primary concerns, the SLX Mixing Station provides a viable alternative. While it may lack certain advanced features, it still allows for accurate dilutions and easy deployment across multiple cleaning sites.

Consider the unique requirements of your industry, the scale of operations, and budgetary constraints when making your decision. Clean Logix offers two excellent options that can accommodate different needs, ensuring efficient and reliable chemical dispensing in a variety of settings.

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