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How to Connect to the ALX-ELITE System Editor

Software demonstration for the ALX-ELITE chemical dispensing controller's online interface, the System Editor. The webpage is accessible when in close physical range of the ALX-ELITE controller. It offers system administrators and managers a quicker and easier way to alter settings using an internet browser as opposed to the traditional keypad and screen on the unit itself.

The video and following instructions explain how to connect to the ALX-ELITE systems' WiFi network in order to access the System Editor from a web browser.

CAUTION: DO NOT use the ALX-ELITE while using the System Editor!

Accessing the System Editor via WiFi

  1. Make sure the ALX-Elite system is powered up and is within 20-feet of the device you are trying to connect with (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)

  2. Navigate to your Wifi setting to view the list of available wireless networks

  3. Select the network named ALXElite[Unit ID]

    1. NOTE: The [Unit ID] used in the network name can be found in the Admin>Unit Info screen. This allows network differentiation when in range of multiple ALX-ELITE units.

  4. When prompted for a Network Key, type alxelite

  5. Open a web browser, such as Google Chrome (recommended)

  6. In the address bar, type

Accessing the System Editor via Ethernet

  1. Make sure the ALX-Elite is connected to the same Ethernet network as your computer

  2. Open a web browser, such as Google Chrome (recommended)

  3. In the address bar, type

Logging into the System Editor

  1. Login using a 4-digit passcode from any User that has Admin privileges.

    1. The passcode for the default "administrator" User is 1234

    2. For units shipped before 01/06/2017 (or without 1.1 update) use the following:

      1. Network Key: cleanlogix

      2. URL:

For more information please contact us.


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