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SLX How To #5 - General Service

SLX Foamers and Sanitizer sprayers and cleaning equipment by Clean Logix. In this video, we'll go over some general service instructions to keep the SLX system running at peak performance.

Clean Logix recommends the following service procedures at regular intervals.

WARNING: Depressurize system prior to servicing! Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling chemicals per SDS recommendations.

  • Check condition of hose (damage or leaks), replace as necessary.

  • Ensure air and water lines are not receiving backflowof chemistry.

  • Verify check valves are operating properly, replace as necessary.

  • Verify ball valves are operating properly, replace as necessary.

  • Ensure metering tip is free of clogs

  • Remove from chemical inlet and clean with water.

  • Ensure tri-clamp is secure and bodies are sealed

  • Verify o-ring is seated properly and is not damaged. Replace as necessary.

  • Check that tri-clamp is seated properly and tighten till secure.

  • Verify check valves are operating properly

  • Remove and ensure spring is functioning properly. Replace as necessary.

  • Check venturi insert for clogs and debris.

    • Remove and inspect - if clogged or scale has built up clean with water or de-scaling acid compatible with PVC.

  • Check o-rings on inserts and check valves. Remove and replace as necessary.

  • Replace discharge hose (and wand if necessary)

  • Replace insert, check valves, regulators, and gauges


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